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  • “What a fantastic experience! The media training churned through ways to handle interviews and provided concrete advice on things like wording, timing and necessary pauses. The presenter Mohammad Tabbaa articulately took us through his experiences with media in a lively way and the injections of humour were very welcome. Highly recommend and look forward to doing another workshop soon!” Soumaya Najjarine Vice President, Mission of Hope

  • “An excellent opportunity for individuals wishing to understand how Islamophobia operates and how to engage effectively with the media.” Rifaie Tammas PhD Candidate, Macquarie University

  • “I was in real need of urgent help with my thesis and thankfully I found out about Creative Institute from a friend. It was a big relief when Mohammed replied promptly to my email. His approach to me made me feel that I was in the right hands and took weight off my shoulders. I really appreciate all your help and and thankful for a service like this.” Masters Student La Trobe University

  • “Mohamad has been an exceptional tutor. Coming from a science background with very little experience in essay writing and humanities subjects, Mohamad has helped me advance my critical thinking as well as develop my essay writing skills. I have scored high distinctions in all of my essays thanks to Mohamad. Not only did he allow me to engage with units such as Aboriginal studies and Sociology in more depth, but also assisted me with better time management during the semester. Mohamad is more than a tutor, and I would highly recommended his services.” Hussein Lashin Undergraduate Student, University of Tasmania

  • “Thank you for delivering the Human Rights workshop yesterday. Your content was at a nice level of intellectual stimulation. The concepts weren’t so dense and overwhelming that someone who had never studied human rights couldn’t follow and it wasn’t so simplified that it became dull. My favourite aspect of last night's presentation was the way you structured your delivery, it’s something I picked up on straight away. Very linear/sequential order, clear points and arguments. In a nutshell, I connected with your teaching style well.” Nasreen Dean Undergraduate Student, University of Sydney

  • “Inviting Mohamad Tabbaa to run a seminar on human rights turned out to be a great decision for our organisation. As a team that encourages critical thinking, Mohamad provided insight into human rights and advocacy that is rarely explored by most mainstream academics in the field, challenging the audience’s conventional understanding of the topic. The content was relevant, the deliverance was engaging, and Mohamed’s approachability allowed for attendees to ask a range of questions.” Muslim Student Association NSW Student Representative Council

  • “Mohamad delivers content in a way that is easily understandable. His accent is clear and I fully understand it, despite that I am not from Australia. He explains essay structuring in an effective manner. He is someone who can teach well. For sure. If I need further private tutoring session, I will definitely approach him.” Carrie S Undergraduate Student

  • “Creative Institute's unique Media Workshop invited participants to explore and reflect on one's own self, providing essential skills and allowing for a more mindful journey navigating one's role in the media space.” Hanan Dover PhD Candidate, Western Sydney University

  • “I wanted to convey my thanks to you Mohamad for delivering a tailored media workshop to my colleagues and I, in Sydney. Your knowledge and experience on the topic was reflected in your content and approach. This was one of the most worthwhile training workshops I have done in a while, not just because of the well thought out and thorough content but also as result of your fantastic presentation skills and approach. The mock interviews were an invaluable part of the workshops for me, which I learnt so much from. Thank you!” Ola Elhassan Youth and Social Worker, Sydney

  • “The 'Are Muslims Human?' workshop was insightful and enlightening. Mohamad managed to explain complex concepts from a wide selection of literature on ‘Human Rights’– and all without losing his audience in academic prose! No easy feat. Situating Muslims within the HR debate forced us to reassess our positions and challenge our preconceived notions about HR as they exist today. I left feeling more conflicted than before – a tell-tale sign that I had learned something new and had been made to think critically. I would both recommend and attend any future workshops.” Claudia Sirdah PhD Candidate, University of Sydney

  • “The workshop run by Creative Institute was unique and beneficial. It gave an opportunity for us to discuss and proactively address issues pertaining to the current socio-political climate as well as lead the discourse surrounding the particular issue of "Human Rights". Mohamad deconstructed the topic in an in-depth manner, citing references from his academic studies, and thoroughly contextualising the topic of discussion. Having attended the workshop, I walked out feeling empowered and better informed.” Ziyad Serhan Undergraduate Student, University of Sydney

  • “I approached the Creative Institute in 2014 for some advice and assistance with a project I was working on. I dealt with Mohamad, and his professional approach and insight at the time, led me to engage the institute again earlier this year. This resulted in the delivery of a few tailored workshops to young people, as part of a youth development program I was working on. He worked with me to ensure the workshops covered the appropriate content, that aligned with my overall goals and vision. Mohamad was instrumental in my dealing with the Creative Institute, which was seamless, flexible and beneficial. Mohamad delivered the content in Sydney across two days. His approach made it easy for the students to warm to him and he was able to build rapport quickly. I will definitely be using Mohamad again on other projects I'm working on in the future.” Ola Elhassan Youth and Social Worker, Sydney

  • “Coming from a Corporate Accounting career to study History was difficult. I received not-so-great marks, developed low confidence and was seriously contemplating returning to accounting. My bouts of regret and mild depression finally ended when I decided to ask Mohamad Tabbaa to read my essays. As a tutor, Tabbaa was diligent, critical and honest. He opened my eyes to structural, grammatical and syntax issues that I was not aware of; he translated the feedback I received from tutors and lecturers into something that was more understandable, and he was always available to read a draft or two. My essay marks immediately improved. I wrote more accurately, confidently and concisely. My writing style improved, and I felt like I could engage with higher level material and write on areas of historical debate, earning applaud from both my tutors and lecturers. Since then I have been able to attain a high distinction average and qualify for honours. Most importantly, Tabbaa is no longer just my tutor, but a mentor and someone I would consider a friend. I would recommend Tabbaa as a tutor to any dedicated, hard-working student. I would also recommend him to the not-so-hard-working, assuming that they are willing to be pushed. Moreover, I have no doubt that any hardworking individual under the tutorship of Tabbaa and by extension, the Creative Institute, will become a success.” Osman Khelil Undergraduate Student, University of Melbourne