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Creative Institute is an online learning hub dedicated to providing cutting-edge learning solutions. With a focus on practicality and innovation, Creative Institute caters to a variety of learning needs; from high school students through to teachers and academics, non-profit and business organisations through to government and corporate, we have your educational needs covered.

Our three unique service portfolios provide learning that is innovative, practical and tailored to your needs.


Focusing on innovative learning solutions for students, the Education portfolio is dedicated to fostering the growth of students from High School years onwards.

By ethically integrating the latest technology into new learning environments, we are able to offer students a first class educational experience regardless of their location. The Education portfolio facilitates the provision of specialised knowledge through the variety of Student Services on offer, including Tutoring and Essay Marking services. We also focus on building bridges between educational pathways and institutions via customised programs produced specifically around student needs.

Creative Education produces learners for life.


With the plethora of information available today, it can be difficult to siphon mere data from knowledge. The Research portfolio is all about the sharing of knowledge and the generation of original thought via platforms of discussion and debate. In particular, the Research portfolio is concerned with providing intellectual solutions to contemporary issues facing the world. The lack of original thought that commonly plagues approaches to the world’s pressing problems leads to reactionary solutions that reproduce the problems they seek to address. Our cutting-edge research reorients discussions around crucial talking points, producing original, challenging ideas that shake the status quo.

Creative Research produces thinkers for the world.


The Training portfolio is dedicated to suitably preparing leaders and organisations to fulfil their highest potential in a variety of fields. Our specialised programs offer the highest quality training through innovative delivery techniques and unique resources. Designed to challenge even the most discerning mind, our Training programs equip small groups or entire teams with the tools they need to competently navigate the world they inhabit. Whether it is general up-skilling, training in competence or targeted training towards addressing specific needs, our Training programs are designed and delivered with practicality and innovation front of mind.

Creative Training produces leaders for the future.