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Creative Institute is a research hub dedicated to producing, and facilitating the production of, original research of the highest calibre. Our dynamic team of researchers and scholars fuse a cross-pollination of ideas and methods to produce knowledge that is fresh, challenging and applicable to the real world. With a focus on innovation and applicability, our research is made with creative solutions in mind.


At Creative Institute, we understand that not all knowledge is created equal. As such, we only publish research that is engaging, relevant and, above all, original. We achieve this by providing innovative platforms and supportive environments conducive to the production of knowledge. We bring people together from often disparate locations (geographically and intellectually) in order to produce originality that is often lacking in approaches to research today.


While all original knowledge can be useful, we have a particular bent for the arts, particularly given how underutilised and underappreciated it is today. One of our research aims is thus making the arts more accessible and relevant, both to policy decisions and to the lives of people everyday. We believe that a world without the arts is a world sorely lacking, and that we all stand to benefit from new and challenging modes of thought.

In addition to this, the makeup of our research team is such that we are able to specialise in research on Muslim affairs. The experience and expertise of our researchers offers the unique ability to merge intimate lived-experience with academic excellence to produce knowledge that is unprecedented in its accuracy and value.


Our research is designed to engage a variety of audiences and is thus carried through a diverse range of platforms. From reports to opinion pieces, conferences and symposia to media appearances and Government and student resources, our research is all about engaging with life in an informed manner.

Explore our Research menu (coming soon) or Contact Us to discuss a specific research project.