Postgraduate Tutoring

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Postgraduate life is stressful on a good day. Heavy workloads, high expectations and minimal support structures all make submitting quality work on time increasingly difficult. The greatness of the project ahead can make it easy to get lost in the abyss of it all. Fortunately, Creative Institute offers quality, reliable online tutoring services for Postgraduate students at all levels.

Learning For Depth

Our tutoring services are designed to get you performing your very best, without exception. Supporting the pursuit of excellence is what we do. Our tutors are experienced, friendly, and most of all approachable. They are dedicated to seeing you succeed and are experts in their respective fields. See which tutor is best for you over at the Meet Our Tutors page, or **Contact Us for a recommendation.

Learning For Direction

If you’re struggling to keep afloat of all that heavy theory and writing, it’s not your fault. Every Postgraduate experience is unique, and dissertation help can guide you through the process. Our tutors offer a supportive ear and expert consultation in a variety of subjects, tailored around your specific circumstances. We also provide expert advice on methodology, writing techniques, referencing and more.

Reach your full academic potential sooner – Book your tutoring session today.

30 Minute Consultation

A 30 minute consultation with one of our qualified tutors.

Ideal for:

  • A summary of key concepts
  • Working through a writing block
  • Essay structure or writing advice


60 Minute Consultation

A 60 minute consultation with one of our qualified tutors.

Ideal for:

  • Essay or chapter planning
  • Feedback on written work
  • Explanation of key concepts
  • Thesis or essay structure advice
  • Working through thesis difficulties


3 x 60 Minute Consultations

Three 60 minute consultations with one of our qualified tutors.

Ideal for:

  • In-depth understanding of key concepts
  • Thesis structure and argument planning
  • Guidance on choosing the best methodology
  • Preparing for confirmation and presentations