Postgraduate Marking

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Is your thesis writing wearing you down? Want to get through that coursework without the stress?

We know the struggle.

Creative Institute offers professional marking services for Postgraduate students at all levels. Our experienced team of markers have years of experience in marking both thesis writing and coursework materials across a variety of disciplines. With a keen eye for detail and a friendly demeanour, our experts will ensure your thesis writing is sharp, clean and ready to submit. Dissertation help is a simple click away.

Thesis Writing

No amount of preparation seems to stem the avalanche of Postgraduate work. Refocus your energies where they’re needed by having an expert eye attend to your thesis writing. Our dedicated team is experienced in carefully editing your important work so that it’s presented in the best possible light, every time.

Get Your Life Back

Completing your Postgraduate writing is a big deal. We delight in seeing people achieve academic excellence because we know just how much sacrifice it requires. Our team specialises in making the Postgraduate ordeal as seamless as possible, helping you achieve the highest success without all the stress.

Discounts apply on thesis writing greater than 20,000 words – Contact Us for a custom quote.

Aspire to greater heights – Book your Postgraduate marking today.

Essay Edit

  • Flow
  • Tone
  • Spellcheck
  • Consistency
  • Word Choice
  • Grammar Check
  • Tracked Changes
  • Final 'Clean' Document
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Essay Review

  • Reference Scan
  • Further Readings
  • Overall Feedback
  • Content Feedback
  • Structural Feedback
  • Argument Consistency
  • Basic Recommendations
  • Tracked Changes Document
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Essay Assessment

  • Essay Edit Package
  • Criteria Match
  • Content Analysis
  • Reference Check
  • Detailed Feedback
  • 30 Minute Consultation
  • Detailed Recommendations
  • Tracked Changes Document
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