License To Speak

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Would you like the essential skills to be able to navigate the media terrain effectively? Are you looking for professional media training that will give you the confidence to engage on your own terms?

Engaging with media can be a taxing task. With so many different media outlets and platforms vying for your input, it can be difficult to choose who to speak to, and who to avoid. And with so many different narratives impacting how your speech is produced and received, knowing what to say can be even more of a challenge.

How can you determine which media is worth your time, and which should be avoided? How do you produce a media strategy that plays to your strengths and avoids common pitfalls?

A must for anybody interested in media affairs, and particularly those engaging with media, License To Speak is for those seeking an insider’s perspective on how the media really operates, and how to best position oneself within it for maximum impact. License To Speak is professional media training at its finest.

In this intensive and stimulating media training workshop, Mohamad Tabbaa draws upon his extensive media experience to explore the media terrain in Australia. Following a logical structure beginning with understanding the self, participants will be guided through the essentials of media engagement, ultimately learning what it means to engage with media in a responsible, confident manner.

What’s Covered?

  • Importance: Understand why media matters
  • Knowing The Self: Discover your unique media abilities
  • Knowing The Terrain: Learn the reality of what drives media operations
  • Knowing The Narrative: Understand the common narratives and how to read between the lines
  • Structured Interviews: Test yourself in the heat of the moment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and Competence: understanding how the media works and its application in our lives
  • Critical Thinking: critically engaging with common media narratives, stereotypes, strategies and personalities
  • Communication: learning how to effectively prepare, execute and evaluate a polished media engagement strategy
  • Problem Solving: creating practical and ethical engagement solutions to media problems, including bias and misrepresentation
  • Management and Discipline: learning to responsibly share a contested media terrain, both as an individual and team member

Learning outcomes are tested with interactive activities and uniquely-designed resources.

License To Speak training workshops are available in 1, 3 and 5 hour formats, or by custom design, and are designed for a wide variety of audiences. Contact Us today to discuss a booking.