Are Muslims Human?

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What are human rights? Are they a universal ‘good’ that we should all aspire to? Or is there more to it than that?

We live in the era of human rights. Any and all activism today is pressured to frame its cause in human rights language or risk preemptive failure. Such is the moral and political power of human rights at present. However, this ‘human rights century’ has witnessed unprecedented human rights protections along with unprecedented violence and atrocity.

How does this amount of violence coexist with this amount of rights? How do we explain this gap between what human rights promise and what they deliver?

An essential primer for anybody involved in advocacy and activism, Are Muslims Human? is for those seeking an honest appraisal of the potentials and limitations of human rights discourses and our ability to utilise them strategically.

In this popular and provocative workshop, Mohamad Tabbaa uses Muslim case studies to explore the contested terrain of human rights. Through a structured discussion of the origins, histories and contemporary discourses of human rights, participants will be led to consider whether there may be deficiencies in human rights discourses themselves, which might produce rather than reduce violence and discrimination.

What’s Covered?

  • Importance: Discover what’s at stake in this discussion
  • Double Bind: Understand the range of options and the (im)possibility of decision
  • Human Rights Narratives: Learn the common story of human rights
  • Human Rights Critiques: Explore the dark underside of human rights
  • Muslims and Rights: Understand the contentions and differing perspectives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and Competence: understanding human rights and their application in relation to Muslim case studies
  • Critical Thinking: applying a critical lens to human rights and challenging common sense narratives about Muslims and rights
  • Communication: learning the impact of human rights language and discourse and its strategical implementation
  • Problem Solving: addressing contemporary issues of human rights and Muslims by understanding the nature and scope of the problem
  • Management and Discipline: learning to work responsibility in fields involving human rights and Muslims, particularly where disagreement or conflict exists

Learning outcomes are tested with interactive activities and uniquely-designed resources.

Are Muslims Human? training workshops are available in 1, 3 and 5 hour formats, or by custom design, and are designed for a variety of audiences. Contact Us today to discuss a booking.