High School Tutoring

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High School can be difficult at the best of times. A heavy workload, peer pressure and inexperienced teachers are only some of the issues many students face as they navigate the High School and College experience. Creative Institute teams you up with a private tutor to help you through your High School studies, without the stress.

Learning For Independence

Our online tuition program is all about helping you achieve your very best, every single time. We only hire experienced, reliable tutors that deliver results. Our tutors are hand chosen and experts in what they do. They will do more than simply teach you about a topic: they’ll teach you how to study so that you can learn independently into the future if you wish. See which private tutor is right for you over at the Meet Our Tutors page, or Contact Us for a recommendation.

Learning For You

We know that everybody learns differently. Our tutors offer friendly, tailored online tuition services, using a number of established teaching techniques to get you the best results. We teach all the core subjects for senior High School in a safe, convenient environment to get you help when you need it. Find an online math tutor to sail through High School Math, or learn how to write an essay for your next English class -- it's easy!

Improve your learning and get through school with confidence – Book your online tuition today.

30 Minute Consultation

A 30 minute consultation with one of our qualified tutors.

Ideal for:

  • Planning your assignment
  • Understanding key concepts
  • Tips on structure and writing


60 Minute Consultation

A 60 minute consultation with one of our qualified tutors.

Ideal for:

  • Short story planning
  • Grammar and structure
  • Feedback on written work
  • Explanation of key concepts
  • Essay and argument planning
  • Textual Analysis (1 prescribed text)


3 x 60 Minute Consultations

Three 60 minute consultations with one of our qualified tutors.

Ideal for:

  • Ongoing subject and writing assistance
  • Preparing for exams and oral presentations
  • In-depth understanding of key concepts
  • Textual Analysis (3-4 prescribed texts)
  • Review of marking criteria and sample essays